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We are a Group Of People, creating audiovisual content out of Munich, Germany.


united in our passion

Everyone of us shares a profound passion for filmmaking. This is part of our very core and is driving every aspect of our lives. We therefore always strive to better ourselves, bringing that passion to every project we do. Filmmaking is our way of life.

guided by story

We see the story as a the universal element linking all the parts together. Informing the process from the first idea, to final delivery. All aspects of filmmaking therefore have to serve the story. This philosophy empowers us to develop better stories, focus our storytelling, be more efficient and achieve the best results.

connected through our workflow

As all media creation is more and more converging, predefined roles are no longer valid. Our core staff is therefore trained across the board to provide guidance in developing the best possible workflow. We also have a vast network of creative professionals, that we bring along, based on the project requirements. Ensuring best possible quality in many different disciplines.

bringing something special to everything we create


As a full service Agency we provide everything to produce your film!




You have an interesting idea or project? Be sure to contact us below. Let’s talk about your goals and how to achieve them visually.

we develop a product tailer-made to fit your needs!